Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mammoth Lodging 101

Mammoth conveniently received 4 feet of snow right before my planned Spring Break trip with my family. Best conditions of the year, no school work to worry about, and we stayed at the Mammoth Inn (right off the slopes) rather than our condo in town... couldn't have been a better trip!

I made it a mission of mine to go all over the mountain and take a pictures of each of the lodges so that I could write up a bit about each of them just to make potential visitors more aquatinted with Mammoth. So here we go!

Main Lodge
Main lodge is a great home base, especially if you're staying at the Mammoth Inn. There is a large lodge with plenty of seating (indoors and out), a full kitchen, bar, rental shop, gift store, and lockers. This lodge also has plenty on lesson opportunities and a day care. It's also the place to be if there are any competitions going on that you want a great view of. There are three chairlifts at the base, two of which will take you up far enough to give you plenty of options for run levels. The base of the Gondola is also located at Main which takes you straight to the top, however, there is a pit stop at McCoy Station.

McCoy Station
McCoy is a great place to take a break, grab some lunch, and soak in the fantastic views. It is located in the middle of the mountain, halfway between Main lodge and the top. Unfortunately my photo doesn't do any justice for the views, I guess you're just going to have to take my word for it. There is also a beautiful restaurant off of the main seating area, with floor to celling windows, and (from what I have heard) a fantastic menu. McCoy also has some great chairlifts that branch from it, that will help you get to anywhere you would like to go.

Mill Cafe
The Mill Cafe is the smallest of all the lodges, and I would have to say is my favorite. Mill is the best place to be on a sunny day, mostly because it is mainly outdoor seating - tables, chairs, fire pits, BBQ, and lawn chairs fill the space with just enough room to walk around. Unless you drove to the slopes, the Mill isn't the best home base. But it is the perfect pit-stop - they have a small kitchen, plenty of hot drinks, two bars, and big beautiful bathrooms. There are two chair lifts that branch from the Mill, both great, diverse, long runs.

Canyon Lodge
Cayon Lodge is my family's usual home base. It has everything Main Lodge has, only less crowded and more chair lifts. Canyon Lodge is where the Night of Lights takes place and a lot of other crazy activities that are spread throughout the season. Lessons are also provided here, and Canyon has a full kitchen, bar, cafe, lockers, even a Crape maker! Canyon also is the lodge directly connected to The Village lodging down the mountain through The Village Gondola.

Eagle Lodge
Eagle lodge is just a chairlift away from Canyon or Mill Cafe and it is a great place for beginners trying out their skills on their own. This is because the runs around Eagle are nice, easy, and long. However, the sun beats down on this side of the mountain making the snow a bit slushy by the afternoon, but it makes a great cushion for falling! Eagle Lodge is also well equipped with a small cafe, bar and plenty of seats indoors and out. The best part about Eagle though is the beautiful condos that you can ski straight to from the slopes!

Overall I had a fantastic last trip of the season, and I hope that if you have a trip planned your weather karma is as good as mine was!